Únorové setkání Pražské Czech Java User Group
proběhne 27.2.2012 od 19h hodin v posluchárně S5 na
Matematicko-fyzikální fakultě Karlovy Univerzity na
Malostranském náměstí 25, Praha 1. Čekají nás dvě
prezentace: Automated UI testing of Swing
based applications
, prezentace česky) a JavaFX
(Michael Heinrichs,
prezentace anglicky). Sponzorem setkání je firma
Barclays Capital, která zajištuje
občerstvení. Vstup na akce CZJUGu je zdarma, a není
třeba se předem registrovat. Pokud se chystáte
přijít, dejte nám vědět formou hlasování v anketě na
hlavní stránce portálu java.cz.

Automated UI testing of Swing based

  • What and how to test
  • Adding tests to existing rich client
  • Available UI testing technologies (QTP, FEST)
  • TESTNG + FEST – practical experiences
  • Integration with CI tools

Tomas Krecmer – Senior Java developer – Team leader
at Barclays. 11 years professional experience
developing Java applications for financial
industry(Wall Street Systems, Barclays). Main concern
in client side development using Swing and Eclipse
RCP. Contributed to high volume FX and Equity trading
platforms. Currently Tomas is team leader of 3
projects within Cash Equities department at Barclays.

JavaFX 2.0

JavaFX is an environment for building rich client
applications. Using a scenegraph at its core and
providing many advanced features, e.g. effects,
animations, media-support, it greatly simplifies the
task of implementing expressive user interfaces with
engaging user experience. The API is entirely
provided as a Java API making it also available for
other programming languages that run on top of the

In this talk we will take a look at JavaFX 2.0 from
a developer’s perspective. Explaining the underlying
concepts of the API and touching some of the more
advanced features, all major components of the API
will be covered.

After this talk you will have a clear understanding
of the possibilities JavaFX 2.0 provides, which will
enable you to make sound decisions how it may help
you in your future projects. You will also be aware
of the basic concepts which will help you to get
started quickly with JavaFX 2.0.

Michael Heinrichs has been part of the JavaFX
development team right from its early days in 2008.
During the early access phase until the release of
JavaFX 1.0, he was part of the JavaFX Compiler team.
After that he joined the JavaFX Mobile team where he
was mainly responsible for performance tuning. In
2010 he became the technical lead for the core
components of JavaFX: JavaFX Beans and Properties,
the Binding API, the new collections and the
Animation API.

Michael loves to meet people from other cultures,
enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.