Free online conference by Java Champions

The JChampions Conference, a free online conference, takes place on 25-30 January (Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday). Sessions on various Java topics, by Java Champions from all around the world:

Java Champions are developers from around the world who are recognized for the contributions to the Java community. Champions are about sharing their knowledge with developers. This coming January, after successful conferences for the past three years, will be our fourth conference organized by Champions and featuring Champions in the presentations. Our audience is the 14 million Java developers world wide.

What type of conference will this be?

The JChampions Conference will run for four days in January 2024 on Thurs 1/25, Fri 1/26, Mon 1/29, & Tues 1/30. Rather than trying to run like a traditional in person event, each day will feature 7 sessions. Sessions will begin at 9:00 EST and end at 17:00 EST. After each session there will be time for participants to speak with the presenters.

My session about serverless Java hacks

I’m Ondro Mihályi, Czech JUG (CZJUG) lead, and I’ll present at the JChampionsConf too. My session will be about the differences between traditional backend Java concepts and concepts in serverless computing and serverless functions like AWS Lambda. In serverless functions, things sometime workin a completely opposite way and require approaches that seem like hacks when used in traditional backend apps.

My talk will be on Tuesday, 30 January, at 17:00 CET (Czech time), or at 11:00 am ET (US Eastern Time). You can join it here:

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