Get Your Free Tickets to JCON Europe, Cologne, Germany, May 13-16

CZJUG is a partner of the JCON conference and all CZJUG members (all of you) can get a JUG ticket for free.

Note: The amount of free JUG tickets is limited. They are given out on a first-come-first-server model.

Free JUG tickets:

More info about the JCON Europe conference:

Why 70+ JUGs support JCON and JUG member’s benefits:


· Free tickets for all JUG members – unique for Java conferences! (Regular 799 €, JUG Ticket € 0.00)

· 1,000 participants, 80% JUG members

Meet the Gurus:

· New: participants can book personal 1:1 meetings on-site with all speakers for a 1:1 Q&A

· Workshop Day round table

· Free happy hour

Code is King:

· Live coding experience in a multiplex cinema – there is nothing better

First-class Content:

· Most international top speakers in Germany

· 100+ top speakers, 100+ world-class sessions, 4 tracks

· Focus on Core Java, serverside Java, APIs & frameworks, architecture, Java cloud-native

2 thoughts on “Get Your Free Tickets to JCON Europe, Cologne, Germany, May 13-16

    1. Hello, yes, it’s enough to be registered on the website or in our facebook group. You can then use the link in the article and select JUG pass to get a free JUG ticket to JCON.

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